Friday, November 28, 2008

tsk tsk

Oh, chair, what have you done? Why did Sockempress find you having a time out in the corner?

Well, one minute for each year. We'll see tonight.


Old House Junkie said...

Is this yet another example of recliner discrimination? Other chairs are allowed to congregate. Other chairs, while in the corner, are not alone in their rooms. Tragic!

Stuart said...

He got in trouble for being a, um ... Lazy Boy.



bikerchick said...

@OldHouseJunkie: I don't think so. In another photo we see a sidechair shoved in the corner, humiliated by its aloneness. I believe what has happened here is that the chairs were made to march uphill from the driveway, all the way to the "rambler," where they are doomed to serve their sentences. At any moment I think we will see the chairs writing on the walls, 100 times, "I will not say mean things about my people!"

Anonymous said...

How about they spell check the description?