Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So that's what chairs look like.

What is this supposed to tell me -- a potential buyer -- about the house? That it has walls?

Great... tracts of land.

Ah, the glory.

Stagers? Pshaw.

It does feel like home, it's true. (They're asking $875,000, by the way.)

It's all about finding the right house for us

This house would be great for us, because we look like this:

...but unfortunately my son has an eraser for a head, so we'll keep looking.

The "restaurant in Havana" look is a big selling point.

Or maybe it's a really cheerful morgue? From here.

But is there RV parking?

If this is a photo they thought looked good, what could the bad ones have looked like? From here.

UPDATE: They removed this photo! Spoilsports. Sensible spoilsports.

The eyes... they follow me around the room...

Five bucks says it's a painting of the real estate agent. From here.