Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Big fluffy cats!

What has me so cheerful? I NO LONGER HAVE TO MODERATE COMMENTS. Thanks to a recent merger of It's Lovely! Corp. and LOLcats Inc, I get to do all the fun stuff from now on while some poor intern at a desk made out of sawhorses and an old door has to deal with the trolls and Spam (mmmm, troll Spam).

So, hello, pussycat! I don't know what people who come to the Internet for the cute kittens are going to think about photos of moldy carpets and naked Estonian men, but Cheezeburger, LTD has confidence it will all be fine. I'll still be doing the writing, such as it is; I just don't have to do the technical side any more. This should be a relief for anyone who witnessed the "I think I'll change the layout, tra la la!" fiasco of earlier this year.

I'm really really really hoping I Can Haz Blog Empire will make stuffed Chairs for small children to cuddle up with. Please suggest that a lot in the comments. The comments I no longer have to moderate. And also please be nice to all the new readers who have no idea what's going on here. And also please figure out the name of the company I now work for and let me know what it is because I wasn't really paying attention and I swear they go by, like, ten different names.


(Fireworks found by Ben; cat found by Anna; glowing house found by Deedee; LOLborg vs Chair, which is not from a real estate listing, by me.)