Monday, July 21, 2008


Really? 'Cause I could swear this is a fixer upper. But the listing says "THIS HOME IS IN ABOVE AVERAGE CONDITION," and I don't argue with ALL CAPS.


Unknown said...

I bet this is Twiggy's House. You do remember Twiggy don't you? If not then you need to google her.

GaryM said...

I think the agent is confused. The description doesn't match the photos. Remodeled kitchen? Oh yeah! The wallpaper! Remodeled bathroom? How about a photo of the only one in the house?

But, if you could restack the low rock wall by the sidewalk, I'll take it!

Jean Martha said...

how do you get that fresh blood look on a RED carpet?!?!?

Michelle HD said...

REO Wreck?
Like REO Speedwagon?

Anonymous said...

What kind of freaky room is this??
There's a TV that's being punished by being made to stand in the corner.
There's a couch where two people can sit cozily and look at...a skillet?!?

Sounds like good lyrics for a Bob Dylan song.

EGE said...

Maybe it's in Opposite World!

Anonymous said...

anon @ 1:23 AM just made my day LMFAO!!! XD

i really love your blog, but the comments are even lovelier..