Friday, August 22, 2008

Old friends (more on the Secret Life of Chairs)

"Hey, Pinky."

"Hi, Mauve. What's on?"

"Oh, just the plants. As usual. Want to watch with me?"


(Contented silence for the next three hours.)

Found by Mary the Nebraska Realtor.


Anonymous said...

as if being stuck in Butt-Scratch Nebraska is enough, can you imagine trying to eat dinner facing that dining room wall paper and swags?

jensun said...

I think a part of the story is missing: what's with the loopy friend between the chairs? A chair sex toy? La-z-boy life support system? A catheter, so no amazing plant action is missed?

TheWycliffe said...

The Golden Girls threw some pretty wild parties at this house back in the day.

Chuckpebble said...

I prefer watching paint dry myself, the action is just so much more

Anonymous said...

Um, excuse me, "Butt-Scratch Nebraska?" [Which, I have to admit, made me laugh]. BSNebraska is full of affordable housing, AND every comb you find on the street is yours to keep.

Anonymous said...

"Pinkie!! OMG, I found you! I'm your long lost sibling, Goldie! Yes, I was adopted out with my twin at birth from the LazyBoy Hospital."

That is what my two gold chairs (given to me by my deranged mother) said when they saw these pictures.

Do you have Pinkie's address?

slh35661 said...

I am beginning to feel a creeping sensation in my home when I think about these chair pictures over the last few days. Are my chairs moving around when I am not at home too? I better start turning around once in awhile to see if they are moving closer to me...oh, how paranoid these chairs are making me!!!

Theresa Rohrer said...

What they really wanted to watch was the grass grow. But Pinkie was afraid of the rain and Mauve didn't like the patio chair, so the home owner broke down and brought in some house plants so they wouldn't get bored.