Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wood paneling, with wood paneling accents

I can see the appeal of having a room like this. I really can. I'm not sure why anyone needs two dartboards (dart machines?), and there's an antelope or something sticking its head through the wall, and that's a weird TV, but a game room really would be great. But -- as always -- we must ask: does this make the house more attractive to buyers? Was including this photo in the listing a good idea?



Anonymous said...

I like the wood-paneled room, with a wood-burning stove that was installed much closer to the wooden walls than code allows. Live life on the edge, that's what I always say!

And do I see a third dartboard on the far right side?


Anonymous said...

The bright turquoise bathroom has been known to cause siezures!

TheWycliffe said...

People who give prominent display to their firearms scare me.

TheWycliffe said...

I should add...people who give prominent display to their firearms AND holy crosses scare me even more.

Sonnjea said...

But the gun on the wall - that's a nice touch!

Meg said...

Mini fruit orchard? Does that mean miniature fruit like tiny peaches and apples? If so, I'm sold!

Elaine Greywalker said...

I especially like the water drops on the lens. Adds that homey touch.

Lynne said...

I'm trying to figure out the saddle on top of the cabinet?

Chris said...

I'm guessing that when you were deciding which picture to include in your blog, the "gorgeous" bathroom was a close second?

What were they thinking ...? Most of the rest of the place is kinda boring (ie. normal).


Anonymous said...

No one has mentioned the two trophies--obviously for darts!

What scares me the most is the complete lack of books on any of the bookshelves.

Reading cuts into dart and hunting time, I guess.

Bespoke Letterpress Boutique said...

I Love this! Hilarious, my husband won't stop laughing!!!

We have just discoverd your blog - thankyou will be back for more :)

Unknown said...

Aren't those pachinko machines?

BikerPuppy said...

I can imagine the conversation.

Jan: "Honey, when are you going to paint the bathroom?" "I said I'd get to it!"
Feb: [same]
March: [same]
December: "There! I painted the damn bathroom. What can I paint next??"

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice the orbs in this photo? Might be the spirit of the antelope on the wall. LOL