Saturday, June 28, 2008

Floor, wall, whatever

I think they put the tiles on the wrong two surfaces. Hold on:

Ah, much better.


Kelli said...

very funny!
(found you thru

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And who needs a sink when you have a fancy 1 piece toilet anyway?

Anonymous said...

What you don't see is the invisible tub!

rita said...

did i read the listing correctly? 2 Beds; 5 Baths? or is that a typo? i hope it's a typo. as much as i would love to have as many baths as the bedrooms, i think, this is just too much.

love your blog, by the way. it's so hilarious! keep it up.

ps: love those boarded windows, too! ye-yeah.

Anonymous said...

It is a 5 bath one bath with no bath house, and it looks like the dishes will have to be done in the toilet because the kitchen sink has no tap.