Friday, June 13, 2008

It's lovey! I already took it!

This is how my house looks today. Really.

It's the first week of summer vacation, so me, my kids, and my husband are actually going to try to spend some time together. If there's a delay in my approving comments or replying to e-mails, please don't take it personally; I'm just off drinking a Tom Collins and teaching my preschooler how to shoot skeet.


Theresa said...

My sister sent me a link to your blog this morning. And I'm afraid I'm hopelessly hooked. I love all your captions! Alright, back to my life now. I'll stop by again later,

Becky said...

Proving that no amount of shelving and other organizational methods will work for a family of messies who have too much stuff.

Sara said...

Pffft! It wasn't our fault, really.

An explanation: we were having the floors refinished, and had to cram five rooms' worth of stuff into that one area. We don't normally pile mattresses on top of sofas, I promise.