Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Please remove sharp objects from pockets

Dug up for mudslicker and jlettman2000, although I'd rather be dozing away on this air mattress, life jacket on hand (or rather, hanger). Now shhhh. Nap time. ZZZzzzzzzz.....

(No good link, but MLS #590952. Found by Danielle.)


mudslicker said... wasn't depressed before but now I have major Catholic guilt sinking in. *make it stop* LOL

I curse my skills honed on the Concentration game for remembering these pics so well.

Thanks Sara for the visual stimulation once again. BTW, I am also attracted to shiny objects. *hint hint*

Dawn said...

Um, what is that white profile on the far right?

It looks like the profile of a bunny with long bunny ears ... pointing to the bed.

That's normal, right?

Maya@A Beach Lovers Place said...

Only if it was floating on water.

Christina said...

@Dawn-I was hoping that it wasn't a scary bunny. Scary bunnies are...scary!
Kinda reminds me of Donnie Darko

Howard said...

Sigh, MLS ID 590952 on is a land listing.

Sara said...

It looks like it's been sold, Howard. The URL I got it from a week or three ago is this one:

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd be more concerned about the mutant rabid space-bunny leaping into the chamber from the right. Bunnies have claws, you know, and those claws can be dangerous.

(I was going to say something about "really big teeth" but that skit's been done before...)