Saturday, May 10, 2008

I just... no.

I try to remember not to mock things that are just a matter of taste. I don't like the Country Goose look, for example, or decks, or granite countertops -- but eh, it's okay if you do. I'm a Unitarian, after all.

But this is going too far. This is beyond personal preferences.

This is a mirrored ceiling. In the kitchen.

This is wrong, wrong, wrongity-wrong.


janny226 said...

The ceiling looks really low in the rest of the place; I bet without the mirrors you feel like you're cooking in a cave. But, I agree. It's just wrong. Nobody does it on the kitchen floor, there are too many crumbs!

janny226 said...

But, wait, I just noticed the gnomes? Or are they elves? over the mantel in the fireplace picture. Maybe they insisted on the mirrored ceiling. "So cheery!" they said! And really, who can resist elves?

BrightCrayon said...

Ew. ew. ew. who SERIOUSLY thought that was a good idea?


Theresa said...

Careful... in twenty years this will be popular again and everyone will want carpet kitchens and mirrored ceilings. You just don't find all original kitchens like that any more.

Button Ginger said...

Are they real bricks around the house or are they fake wallpaper bricks - even in the bathroom?

The television aerial that spans the entire room is quite, um, something too.

Anonymous said...

Well, when it was built it was perhaps fashionable. In 1968. Imagine it with avacado appliances and it's an f'n timewarp!