Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's all about Work Triangle Efficiency.

Let's see. I'll put the microwave here, in the middle of the kitchen:

And I'll stick the fridge here, in front of the window:

And the freezer? Um... here, that'll be fine. We never use the left side of the sink, anyway.

P.S. The fridge comes with the house.


Star said...

the way this kitchen is organized makes me want to have a panic attack.

Princessalex said...

Re-read the listing: this house has TWO kitchens. You're showing the pictures as if it's all from the same room. Generally, a house with two kitchens doesn't need full use of both of them.

Jason said...

Why on earth would I need two kitchens????? And that fridge looks older then the house.

Theresa said...

I LOVE THIS KITCHEN!!! I'd buy it just for the pink Formica. I love the color of the wood. I love the handles on the cabinets. I love the cute little rounded shelves. And I especially love that fridge. I'd move that freezer and get a smaller microwave. And, "Presto!" the cutest little 50's kitchen you ever did see!