Friday, January 2, 2009

Parking by Officer Murphy

I used to know some guys who had at least 50 bicycles in their apartment. That was in a huge industrial loft, though, not a teeny condo. If I lived in a 566 square foot home, I think I would cut down on my bike collection. But I own more kitchen appliances than can fit on my counter, so who am I to judge?


Anonymous said...

Well at least it's a good selling point.
"Big enough to store 50 bikes."
Not a big selling point for me, but for some maybe.

Anonymous said...

This is likely the bike room in the condo building, just like they also have a picture of the gym that is elsewhere in the building. A bike room is definitely a nice thing, I know when I had a condo in downtown Chicago, there was a waiting list to get a spot in the bike room (off the first floor with a back alley entrance).

Sorry to be a buzzkill. Sooo, alternately: Maybe Lance Armstrong lives here and lets his Tour de France buddies crash over?

Anonymous said...

That isn't in the condo, it is a storage part of the building. There is also an image in the listing of the building's fitness room as well.

emily said...

At first I thought that "lime stone countertops" was just a typo, but having looked at the pictures, I think that the countertops are in fact made of lime-colored stone, not limestone, after all.

Anonymous said...

Ehh, I know someone with about a thousand (oh yes, literally) bikes in her shed, garage, and backyard. Her dad repairs bikes for a living. So maybe this makes too much sense to me?

Anonymous said...

The bikes are in the common storage area not in the condo itself. It is quite common around these parts to take photos of the common areas as well as the condo itself.