Friday, September 19, 2008

Adventures in Real Estate

Ho hum, just taking photos for the listing:

And the other side...

Oh crap, someone's coming, quick, across the street, run!

Oh no, they're going into the house:

Well, maybe we can get a photo of the side:

Or the garage:

Eek! They saw us! Run, run, run!


Anonymous said...

Umm, wow... Do the current residents know the house is up for short sale? Might be fun to go down there on the 21st to watch the action when the bank puts the lockbox on!!

Arlene said... THAT what is happening? I was totally at a loss and couldn't figure out why those were the photos chosen to list online. I am SUCH an innocent/doofus!

Charlene said...

I'd hate to be those tenants.

Kirchy said...

3rd room that is not permitted coulld be bedroom needs some work.... this not permitted room? I don't want to sleep in OK?

Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

My husband and I are in the process of buying a home. But before we found it, we had many adventures and one of those adventures included looking at a short sale. Apparantly the people did not want to sell their house so when we checked it out, they followed us room to room with the children and babies on hips speaking unintelligible spanish. We told our realtor we were done looking at short sales. Love following your blog. Thank you!

Aurelius said...

Garage spaces: 41
What the???

wundermary said...

Ooooh, this photographer is sorta the Repo Man of the world of commercial photography!

green-minded person said...

so that's how the stalker-style of photography works.. creepy..

Anonymous said...

"...bedroom 1 bath with a bonus room that is not permited could be used as a 3rd bedroom needs a little TLC..."

not "permited"? ok, so they meant not permitted. but still... use it as a third bedroom?

seriously, what kind of lifestyle do all these people have, who shows trash in the pictures of their house to sell?