Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Alien invasion

Aiieee! Look out! Aliens have invaded this ranch, found by Mary the Nebraska Realtor! Giant purple aliens!

But wait... it's okay. I see their spaceship is taking off. Their tiny, tiny spaceship. Phew!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the faux human in fancy dress is to draw the mosquitos away from the REAL people! And after I battle the skeeters, can I harvest rice from that... pond? If that is a creek, it runs slower than I do!!!

Does Foghorn Leghorn come with the house?

Good thing the Man with No Name is guarding the canes!

And I can't tell which manufactured house is the guest house....

green-minded person said...



Megan said...

I LOVE all the photos of the stagnant water around the house and the 4 pics of the faux roses around the bathtub - so classy!

David said...

It looks like a double wide trailer to me.

Love the huge lava lamp by the rose strewn tub. Screams class!

Tracey said...

I love the headless torso snapping the picture a la reflection in the mirror. Always a true sign of a well planned out photo op.

LadyCiani said...

Lava lamp? I was too busy to notice the lava lamp (in the bathroom!?). I was almost sucked in by the piggy's giant nostrils.

Also, why is there no figure for the 2007 taxes, if the house was built in 2002? Does Nebraska not have property tax?

ipa said...

Sara - stop it. I've told you before that you are making my mascara run and my pants get wet! I can't take much more.

BikerPuppy said...

This listing combines so many of my favorite elements from your blog entries: Swamp, trailer-house, scary aliens (why, why, why! is there a full size pic of the doll -- does she come with the place??), tentacle (above the door between the chair and the love seat), family all lined up on the entertainment center, random famous person picture (although at least Clint is on the wall of the house), headless person in mirror, and... what's with the basket full of canes? A veritable smorgasbord here!!

Meg said...

Hey, look, my Trans Am will fit in the garage! Yipee!

I like the picture of the big window that's totally dark. Nice! I love a room that gets no natural light. I'm not worried though, because I am sure there's plenty of Natural Light in the fridge!

Oh, and for the record, Sara, I will need to be heavily edicated to fall asleep tonight lest the Giant Purple Lady haunt...my...dreams!

KLZ said...

Nice double wide; hope there is no tornado. I do happen to love swamps since they are great for birding and watching snakes and turtles. I'm not kidding, my husband knows I would love a swamp.

Now, a question: What pray tell, is that giant golden thing in the bathroom? (Keep it clean!)

JennB said...

Aww, I have that piggy bank, too! It's from Old Navy. I don't keep mine in the bathroom, though, because I'm normal.

Blandwagon said...

So to recap, we know that the owner(s) of this house own:

- a black Trans Am
- lots of dusty pink plastic roses
- a large resin sculpture of two puppies drinking from a hand pump
- a framed picture of Clint Eastwood in the living room
- a giant statue of Tweety Bird
- a walking stick fetish
- an unusually flat-chested Real Doll


Charlene said...

Is it a sign of my insanity that the thing that bothers me most is the crooked nose on that pig? I want to reach through the computer and straighten it.

Anonymous said...

blandwagon, I don't know who they are, but apparently they have very clean backs. There is a back scrubber in both tubs!