Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's looks like that's a pretty new dryer back there, which is nice.

Admittedly you can't open the door to it, which cuts down somewhat on its usefulness. But think of the energy you'll save!


burhanistan said...



Sara said...

Harumph. The OED says "drier" is okay, my pedantic friend. But "dryer" is righter, so I'll change it.

Jill said...

Which is more important?
-Being able to fold your dry clothes on a nice little table in the laundry room.
-or Actually being able to dry your clothes.

I pick option two, but that's just me!!!

(they also make those funny little things called "wall mountable cabinets" to store your detergent and dryer sheets in!)

Mandy said...

Wouldn't it make more sense to just move the washing machine, which seems to be a toploader, into the corner, and have the dryer, where the washing machine is now?

Didn't they think of that?

scowl said...

Of course it makes sense to swap them. But the dryer is there and the washing machine is there and we're just going to have to live with it now!

This is what passed for logic with my parents.

Angel said...

One might also have considered mounting the cabinet against the opposite wall. But hey. That's just me...

Land of shimp said...

I particularly like the second kitchen where it appears they are serving up some quality duct work. Yumbo.

Jerod Poore said...

At least you can access the circuit breakers by climbing on top of the dryer. Unlike my place where the circuit breaker box is partially obscured by the washing machine.

You know, right by where a bunch of water flows.

Fortunately everything controlled from that box is of limited scope, like three of the dozens of outlets. The box in the downstairs unit deals with the important stuff for both upstairs and downstairs.

Glory von Hathor said...

Dear Electrical Goods Engineers of America,

What kind of a malformed monstrosity is that front-loading tumble-dryer? The wrongness astounds me! My God, you haven't even given it a porthole. (Shudder).

You sick, twisted charlatans. You can't just turn a top-loader on its side - you have to make it a bit like a boat. Other wise it can't see. I mean, you can't see.

Stick to your own kind from now on. Perverts.

Yours faithfully,


Kit said...

My last landlord set up a closet with a side-by-side washer/dryer even though it was clearly designed for stacked (the dryer plug is about six feet up the wall). Both the hose and power cord travel over the washer, which can only be reached by leaning across the dryer.
When both of them broke down within weeks of one another, he called in the repairpeople a half-dozen times, finally installing a brand new frakking washer and longer (more fire-prone) hose, instead of a stacked unit that's actually accessible, despite perfect timing.
In conclusion, people are idiots, and are unwilling to do the slightest work or spend the littlest cash to fix real problems.