Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This post is in honor of Mister Rogers

The normal sequence for goldfish pet-ownership
Step 1: Get goldfish
Step 2: Enjoy goldfish as a pet
Step 3: Notice goldfish is floating upside-down
Step 4: Flush deceased goldfish

Abridged version, as found by Lauren:
Step 1: Get goldfish
Step 2: Flush goldfish
Step 3: Repeat


Claire said...

My husband would love that house - less than 1500 square feet and a 3 car garage.

That appears to be a real aquarium - I see a filter and a thermometer in the back, I think. I can't think of a single scenario using that setup that wouldn't kill the fish. I wonder how many flushes it took them to figure that out? No more than 2 or 3, I hope, for the fishes sake.

Anonymous said...

I greatly appreciate that they've included that picture as though it's a true selling feature of the house.

Things I need in a house
1) Updated kitchen
2) Hardwood floors
3) Fish tank/toilet tank

Kierra said...

You've never heard of the Fish N Flush?

The tank for the toilet is clear and the aquarium wraps around it.

Alissa said...

It's true that you learn something new every day. I just learned about Fish N Flush. My life has certainly been greatly improved by this newfound knowledge.

Anonymous said...

@Claire: so would I! As my username implies I'm into motorcycles. I'm a single guy and I don't need a whole lot of space for myself, but I would like a great big garage and workshop space. I've been looking for such in greater Boston for upwards of a year now, with no luck. :-(

Anonymous said...

The website says:

• Maximize Space
• Entertainment
• Excitement

You want excitement? Let's just take this to the obvious next step and replace the toilet bowl with a transparent fish tank also.

burhanistan said...

Can a goldfish get a courtesy flush up in here?

Jill said...

I would turn it into a terrarium and put a snake in there! Wouldn't that be a lovely surprise for the dinner guests:)

Anonymous said...

I dunno know, those signs on the fish tanks at pet stores always tell you not to tap on the glass because the echo inside the tank is really loud and freaks out the fish. So would the noise from inside the toilet tank after a flush echo into the fish tank?

The whole concept seems cruel to the fish. Even if you're not torturing them with the noise, you're torturing unflattering images of your bum (or what have you) multiple time every day. What does Peta think of all this?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous. It doesn't seem fair to the fish.

The noise factor could be an issue even if they aren't disturbed by the sights.

Then again, most people don't care about the feelings and well being of fish. :(

VitaminR said...

Erik has actually begged me to get one of these toilets...I refused.

Sara said...

Uh oh, Vitamin R. He's going to be installing a toilet in my house later this summer. I'll keep an eye on him...

Glory von Hathor said...

The Disco Stu Shoe of Loos.

Jill said...

Upon further inspection, does that thing actually have a snake in it? The water level is pretty low for fish, and there is something of snake color in the back left of the tank!!!

Land of shimp said...

Okay, so is the Mister Roger's reference about his song about how you can't be sucked down the drain?

Aside from fish being terrorized, what occurred to me is that fish tanks make noise. The noise of running water.

Hey, what fun! Be convinced that your toilet is always running! Woo hoo! Or miss the fact that it has started, and your wasting gallons of water a day! Double woo hoo!

On the upside, something like that might finally, finally convince people to put the lid down!

Anonymous said...

That Fish N Flush thing seems like some sort of Chinese torture for the fish, not to mention it looks hideous.

Anonymous said...

Is that a strange, brown, slow moving eel?

Nope, just a Baby Ruth Bar!

jendajen said...

Twisted. Seriously twisted.