Sunday, June 21, 2009


From the same listing as the dryer below comes this fun! exciting! deck! If that's what it takes to keep the religious pamphleteers away, it's fine with me.


E said...

Even if you didn't want to live there, it looks like one of those fun house places that you see signs for along the highway. You could buy it and charge admission. Challenge people to open the diamond-shaped window above the bath tub in photo #6. What camera setting would you use to distort the photos like that?

It looks like the current remodelers used the same lack of planning in placing the basement kitchen sink (photo #10) one foot away from the side of the pantry. I hate to be sexist, but that wasn't done by a woman.

Angel said...

The renovator was super thin. That's the only reasonable explanation for all these tight layouts.

Cellar Door said...

I'm wondering if half the people in America could even fit behind that sink? Wow. It's funny, too, how it looks like they ripped up all the carpeting and wallpaper, but didn't finish the floors or paint the walls.

Stuart said...

I know this is completely wrong on so many levels, but the first three words that came to mind when seeing that little patio thing were, and I quote,




Oh yeah.

scowl said...

If you want to see amateur hour in the construction trades, look at decks. I personally don't get decks. Do people like feeling like they're on a boat or something? Do people like crawling under them to find stuff they dropped through the slits last night?

Anyway everyone else loves decks. The bigger the better! They're easy to build correctly so that's why so many aren't. People will shove the ends of beams into the dirt and watch them rot. People will nail beams to the sides of posts so all the weight is held by two nails instead of the top of the post.

The best: a major contractor here built dozens of decks without putting $8 of flashing over the ledger board. Water got between the board and the house's sheathing and rotted them away. After a few years of PNW weather, they collapsed one after another causing injuries and damage.

mudslicker said...

So scowl, tell us---no really---how you feel about decks.

I personally like to feel like I'm at Coney Island every day so I can sing "Under the Boardwalk" whenever I want. Hehe

Land of shimp said...

Fear not, scowl, you have company in your deck hating ways. I cannot stand the things. I live in Colorado, and you just feel like your helplessly broiling, like a steak on the grill, this high up with the sun.

I was overjoyed to see that our new house had a covered back patio, where you can sit, sip a cool drink, enjoy the breeze. All while not courting melanoma. Woo hoo.

As for that deck, gosh, the view leaves something to be desired, too. Actually the deck leaves...oh never mind.