Monday, June 15, 2009

¡Fiesta time!

When your house is a "rehab project needs roof gutters carpet vinyl, doors trim appliance," perhaps razing it is the best option. There are two ways methods of tearing a house down:

1) Hire a demolition crew


2) Decorate it like a piñata and hand out broomsticks to the neighborhood kids.


Angel said...
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Angel said...

"Well you might be a bit rundown, but that's okay... you're pretty!"

Anonymous said...

Not even 1 whole bath, now that's just pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I think the "3/4 bath" phrasing to indicate a bathroom with shower but no tub must be a regional thing. I've only ever seen it in California listings. In Texas we call it a whole bath if it has either a bathtub or a shower (or both).

But what's with the $9,156 in taxes on an $80,000 house? That's absurd even by Texas standards.

jackie31337 said...

"But what's with the $9,156 in taxes on an $80,000 house? That's absurd even by Texas standards."

If you look further down the page, its tax assessment for 2008 puts it at $90k for the land and $77k for "additions" (meaning the house, I guess), so the house is assessed at about double the asking price.

blake said...

The metal rail on the sidewalk seems odd. It's like the place used to be an old church, or store, or rehab center for people who don't use commas properly in listing features of houses.

And the .75 bath is scary. I dont want to know what is the missing 1/4. Sink? Toliet?

*I just saw the explanation for the 3/4 bath. I dont feel like changing my comment though.