Friday, May 1, 2009


This photo is the best -- the loveliest! the most flattering! -- of the lot in the listing Emily found.

Is this the house? Would you really call it a Cape Cod, as the listing does? Just what does it mean when it says it has air conditioning? Does "air conditioning" mean something other to you than it does to me? When you're at the hardware store picking up supplies for emergency roof repair, do you think something like this: "Oh, and I need to get one of those big things... those waterproof things... what are they called? They're big, and blue, and flat... I know! 'Air conditioning'! That's what they're called!"


Mid-C Frank said...

At that price, in Hyde Park, it must be just for the plot. But nothing says "put your trailer here" like a shed with roofing made of blue tarp!

mudslicker said...

But it says "Cooling System: None". How could it be breezy? I believe the "Cape Cod" reference is a typo. It should read: Cape Fear!

Glad to see that there are "other" Exterior features...hope that means it includes varmints too.

Roof: asphalt shingles + one moldy blue tarp...(why, why, why talk about the shingles?)

Thank goodness it was recently "updated" on April 16th of this year...(I hope the in-ground pool has been vaccummed and is jump in ready!).

And such detail to the school systems...I surely hope this property appeals to families with many small children. Just think of the therapy sessions waiting for them later on in life.

mudslicker said...

One more thing, (because i just can't look away):

Thank our lucky stars there is NOT a basement!!!!!

Could you imagine how CREEPY that would be? LOL...

Anonymous said...

Okay, so clearly being sold for land value because most homeless pets wouldn't bunk in that place. That said? It's minuscule lot, it's not even 1/4 of an acre. It's going to take a couple of grand to clear of there too.

Jeez, what a bargain.

blake said...

What could be the selling point?
It's a lumber pile on a small lot.

I think someone is trying to sell their backyard.
And i'm sure the neighbors love the idea of someone trying to wedge a shack next to their house that is bigger than the entire plot.

Maya said...

This is hilarious, it's not a cape, it's wearing one, I'd say.

Anonymous said...

I particularly like how the roofing material is described: asphalt shingles.

Isn't that a tar paper roof?

Yes, 50 grand and this little slice of Shanty Town is yours! Impress your friends! Learn to live off the land while sleeping directly on it! Eschew bathing!

Fifty thousand and a new, and possibly repulsive lifestyle can be yours!

Anonymous said...

I think "air conditioning" here means "lacks a front door."

Anonymous said...

House? Well, when I say "house" it was nuthin' more than a hole in the ground covered by a piece of twig. It was a house to us! - Monty Python "Four Yorkshiremen"

Stuart said...

Deke: "Where we gonna live when the house is sold, Paw?"

Pa: "Well, Deke ... we're just gonna hafta make do with what we got."

Deke: "You mean that condo in Philadelphia, Paw?"

Pa: "Yes, Son. Yes."

Deke: "Shit."

(I know this won't get posted, but I had to type it)

jess p. said...

Shout out to the 845 area code! Sigh. Nostalgia.

(There actually used to be a cape cod-shack like this one just over the border of our property when I lived in the 845. Apparently, it had potential).

Mrs Coops said...

'Exterior features - other' ?! Other what???

What on earth could they be talking about, in realtor-speak, that is worse than 'Cape Cod' for 'rotten dilapedated old shack'?!!

I dread to think... :¬)