Wednesday, May 6, 2009


No, really. This is the actual view. It says so right there. This apartment, found by Emily, is in Philadelphia's '80s Collage neighborhood -- and trust me, you'd rather live there than in Decoupageville.


mudslicker said...

Tricky...tricky....Is this another one of them there funny Patrick Nagel-esque prints Stuart salivates over?

Anonymous said...

That's some pretty funky glass they must have in those windows.

Stuart said...

Hey now, muds ... I happen to like fine art, m'kay? Be nice. [wink]

I vaguely remember having a view like this out of my college dorm window once ...

Maybe twice, but that was it. Honest.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part is the "spacious" 400 square foot floorplan.

mudslicker said...

Why Stuart, I work in a Fine Arts department. I would never cast a disparaging word (or a buffalo heard/herd) toward the life work of an accomplished deceased artist. Just think where he'd be now if he had lived longer than the tender age of 38!

And that view you're referring wouldn't happen to be euphemistically called Flashback #2, Flashback #3...etc.

I kid :)


Stuart said...

Mudsy - by "Fine Arts", you mean the really really good stuff, like Thomas Kinkade, right? Definitely NOT the kind of stuff that would find its way into a blog like this, no sirree.

As for your other question, I have no idea what you're talk- Hey! An elephant!

mudslicker said...

RE: Thomas Kinkade

My eyes glaze over and it's like a hundred angels have sprinkled fairy dust only when I see a Kinkade in one of those moving e-card genres. You know the kind, the ones where the creek is moving and the smoke has been digitalized to come out of the chimneys as the windows glow with cheery light. It's like Christmas and Halloween all rolled into one! that "Fine Art".

p.s. I'm also a sucker for any of those hologram Jesus pics where it looks like he's following you across the room.

Sara better never ever end this blog!

Stuart said...

Ah, the Mona Jesus. Now THAT is art. One website I love to visit is The Museum of Bad Art (

Also, I'll have to post a link to a piece I have known as "Sad Day on the Farm". It's every bit as awful as it sounds.


blake said...

I like it. It feels like it's infa-red. I can move there and be an action hero. Or a predator (look out Carl Weathers)

blake said...

Also, i thought i'd share a long boring Thomas
Kinkade story.

Years ago, I was in an art class and had to do an report on a living artist. I went home and found a Thomas Kinkade catalog of posters, ornaments, pillows, all the classy stuff that proud artist attach their work to. The catalog already had a "fluff piece" bio in the back, so i pretty much had my report right there.

The next day i proudly showed my report to another student that burst out laughing. Besides being lazy, apparently i was inattentive as well. The teacher had said to pick any living painter that wasn't Thomas Kinkade. He was not an artist and was an insult to artists worldwide so he wasnt included, but there were no other rules, we could pick any non-Kinkade painter.

mudslicker said...


What a wonderful TK story! I'm sure Kinkade would even love that story and would laugh at your teacher (and all of us too for that matter) all the way to the bank.

Fairwell forever to my snow globe fuzzy feelings as I'll never be able to look at another forest clearing scene again without thinking of your story. Thanks blake. Just thanks for ruining it for me! *sniffle*

H said...

I suspect that probably was the actual view of the temporary walls around the building site at the time they were building the Kimmel Center (the curved building in the middle of the picture). That would date the photo to sometime pre-2004. Nothing like up-to-date info! The real building is beautiful and a picture of that would be much more of a selling point. It might even distract you from what I hear are the other 'charms' of that apartment building.