Saturday, May 23, 2009

Come on in! The water's lovely!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone -- especially househunter Julie, who found this inviting "Swimming Pool/Hot Tub/Sauna"! We'll all be there for your pool party... I've got my onion dip all ready to go.


Anonymous said...

Whoa. So, that's an above-ground pool, isn't it? Right now it looks like the world's largest litter box (how big is the freaking cat?!?!?) but it does appear to be above-ground. Then there's another picture entitled "deck" with another picture of what appears to be a different above-ground pool (there's no deck built around the second one).

Here's a wild idea, and I realize this is really pushing the envelope in terms of creative thinking outside the box and all, but how about busting that bad boy, rotten liner, cat box down? It will take two hours tops. Plant some flowers, or heck, just leave the bare earth oval because it's still going to look better than that.

As for having more than one above-ground pool? No clue. Maybe they are trying to collect the whole set?

Why do so many of these listings look like the owners are being forced at gunpoint to sell their houses, and are doing everything to prevent actually having it sell? That property isn't listed as a foreclosure.

Why do agents take pictures that feature things like rotting decks, and decaying pools? Is it part of an anti-stager movement?

Stuart said...

Well, at least Picture 4 is appropriately tagged.

I found this listing kinda depressing, really. That is, until I saw that it's just down the road from the Mohegan Sun Casino! 'Cause how can anyone be depressed with a casino right in your own neighborhood? Suh-weet!

Anonymous said...

There's a bedroom that looks like a prison cell!

Julia O'C said...

It looks like they already have onion dip. It's in the pool.

burhanistan said...

Why do agents take pictures that feature things like rotting decks, and decaying pools? Is it part of an anti-stager movement?
My guess would be that most realtors are more or less up-front and honest and don't to use bait-and-switch tactics. That would backfire as soon as a buyer went to check out the property. Best for the realtor to lay it out there to save everyone's time.

That said, I'm pretty sure there is a false bottom on that pool that conceals a vast underground bunker full of murderous leprechauns.

Anonymous said...

I only see one pool on Its the circular one. The oversized cat litter is probably some other stray photo that was on the Realtors(tm) camera.

Anonymous said...

Apparently this pool is just par for the course! If you look at the google satellite image, a majority of the homes have above ground pools, and a majority of those don't have pretty blue water in them.

The two pictures look like the same pool, but I wonder if the deck or the evil caged ladder is what still remains?

Chairs cousin "Folding Chair" looks really sad to be in prison! I wonder what he did this time?

Anonymous said...

Are the clothes hung out on......a Christmas tree light string???

Anonymous said...

What no comment on the picture of the chair visiting the bed who lost it's mattress? The person who took the picture was so touched with emotion that they were shaking when they snapped the photo.