Friday, May 8, 2009

Included: Sweden

What's this Emil found? Why, it's Sweden! A map is helpfully included in the listing, for all the people who are considering buying Sweden but don't know what the country actually looks like:

Isn't that helpful?

But I'm a bit confused. I've spent a lot of time in that part of the world, and I'm pretty certain that's Latvia, not Cafe. Maybe things have changed since I was last there. It's probably some new EU regulation. But anyway. Act now and we'll throw in one bonus Puget Sound!


mudslicker said...

This isn't Sweden it's really the Poconos made to look like a tiny train town in Lilla Landet, right?

I half expect to see Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey dancing their little hearts out and walking a creepy fine line between adult predator and 16 year old camper.

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner!"

Ah's a small world after all isn't it?

Hey, I can almost see Russia from the Puget sound!

Stuart said...

Not included: Instruction manual, Allen wrench.

Stump said...

I actually tried Latvian food a few weeks ago. Not so awesome. I'll bet this new 'Cafe' venture of theirs goes belly up and turns into a Starbucks sooner than later.

And where is the Ikea?

Anonymous said...

I kind of don't even understand what in the world that place is. Is it a campground? There are bunks. Is it a train depot with a petting zoo?

Is it a theme park? Does it even list a price?

So many questions, and so few answers, not the least of which is "What's with the map there, Bjorn?"

Cellar Door said...

What's "Entre"? Is that the new name for Estonia?

Mudslicker, I love you. Somehow you got "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" out of this. You're awesome, i min bok!

jackie31337 said...

Confused anonymous: I don't think the property itself is for sale. This looks like a brochure for some kind of campground/holiday park.

Sara said...

jackie31337 -- the theme park's for sale.

Rocketboy said...

I hate trees, but I LOVE Sweden. Do you have anything that would appeal to me?

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out the theme and it's driving me bonkers enough to keep trying to.

Swedish frontier days? A camp ground? Then to make matters more confusing; there's a picture of a child walking along, hand in hand, with a guy in Donkey suit.

Other than a playground, and some go carts, I can't figure out why people go there.

Long ago when I lived back East we went to an amusement park called Ghost Town in the Glen and it had everything done up to approximate a Ghost Town, but there were rides, etc.

This is a little like that but (not being Swedish) I don't know the theme, and then...not much to do. Wander and commune with buildings of ill-defined purpose?

kristian said...

Anonymous: The name 'Lilla landet' means 'little country'. It seems to be a sort of miniature sweden theme park, with small buildings and scenery somewhat typical for different parts of the country.

Now, exactly how this attracts visitors escapes me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Kristian. I couldn't copy text to a translation program because it all appears to be a PDF file blocking attempts to copy text.

I know it's utterly ridiculous, but I ended up having a dream about the darned thing, so I really do appreciate your kicking in with an answer.

Swedish Nationalism is alive and well, maybe that's the theme :-)