Monday, May 25, 2009

A "lose face" joke would be too predictable

"Man, I'm really too embarrassed to have this portrait of grandma in the messy, messy listing. What should I do? Should I clean my house before taking the photos? No, that's crazy talk. I know! I'll drape a cloth over it! And then, after I take the photos, I'll scribble over them with a Sharpie! Grandma would be so proud."

(Found by Emily.)


Anonymous said...

Realtor: It will be just too much trouble to pick it up and move it from the picture. What to do? What to do? Hmmmm.

After thinking for several minutes, Realtor excitedly jumps up and down.

Realtor: Oh, I know! I will just go find a paper towel, search for a sharpie, color a good size square in and cover up granny's face!

After searching for a sharpie and finally finding a not dried out one in the back of the junk drawer in the kitchen, going to get a new roll of paper towels and scribbling madly for 5 minutes, she hangs her work over the picture. She then stands back and admires the work.

Realtor(shaking her head): Brilliant.

The title of my play? That is up to you, my friends. Too early in morning. Not enough coffee.

Stuart said...

Must ... resist ... urge ... to use ... the word ... "risting".

Whew. Okay.

Holy cow, this has got to be THE filthiest place in all of Japan. I mean, I know some Japanese people and they would never live like that, so that alone should speak for every person in Japan. Right?

Claire said...

Is that a box of Mr. Sparkle I see in the second photo?

Anonymous said...

Stuart, that's exactly what I was thinking. I know several people from Japan, and several Westerners who lived in Japan before returning to the states. They all have one thing in common, they are neat/clean freaks. Fastidious almost to a fault.

Clearly not everyone in Japan is going to be that dedicated but good gracious, most of the people I've met from Japan would more or less pass out just looking at the listing photos.

I apologize for speaking in generalizations, by the way. But ...dang.

Anonymous said...

Japanese people are not all neat freaks.
Try and you will see that this "apato" is very neat and minimalist indeed.